Sunday, September 9, 2007


Whu'd up, I hope you are having a chill weekend. I personally am just laying around on my sofa and burning some of the incredible herbal smoke I bought from the herbal smoke shop. This has to be one of the best legal highs ever!

So tonight the MTV VMA Awards are on MTV. I can not wait to watch the VMAS as Britney Spears is set to open this show from Vegas. I am going to smoke a few blunts and laugh my ass off. I hope her wig falls off or that Britney Spears trips or something funny.

Did you hear that Britney Spears album has not even been released and it has leaked online? Britney Spears is the laughing stock of the VMA Awards on MTV. I think most people are watching just to see if she kills off what is left of her career live from the VMA Awards in Las Vegas.

I have done absolutely nothing this weekend but smoke some of this legal bud. Hawaiian Gold Bud and Dutch Haze are super duper!

Well if I am not too high, I will blog later on the VMA Awards, otherwise I will just pass out on the sofa and burn more bud!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hawaiian Gold Buds - Legal Bud Review

Hawaiian Gold Buds - Legal Bud Review

Yo Whu'd up! It's Travis and I am back with day 1 of your legal bud review. I am surprised I am even able to make this blog post for you today. I am hurting pretty bad from a lack of sleep and an over stuffed belly.

To kick off the first day of my legal bud review, I decided what better way that to invite some qualified testers a.k.a. my college buddies over to my crib in celebration of my new duties as the Official Legal Bud Reviewer Dude.

So where do I begin. Last night I cracked open this massive baggie labeled Hawaiian Gold Bud. I have to say from the second I cracked the bag open I got a massive wiff of the fresh herbal Hawaiian Gold Bud. The Hawaiian Gold Bud was super duper fresh when I first inspected it and inside my precious baggie I had several very massive buds. So far so good!

I am going to try and conduct my legal bud reviews in two phases for obvious reasons. I will do all my observations in the first phase and in the second and most difficult phase of my legal bud review I will do all of the product testing. I know it's hard work but someone has to do it.

Ok check this out, as I am taking notes for this legal bud review of Hawaiian Gold Bud over here in my kitchen, my super qualified tester buddies were are in the game room already sparking up a massive blunt that they rolled with my last TEQUILLA blunt wraps. I will tell you more about those bad boys a little bit later. I guess I mind as well stock up on these bad boys as I will be needing a good supply. I guess I can't blame them, the smell alone of the Hawaiian Gold Bud in the package is so sweet and overwhelming. Ok back to business. Let's start this review.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Appearance Review
Appearance =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Smell Review
Smell =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Freshness / Stickiness Review
Freshness =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Taste Review
Taste =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Burn Review
Burn =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Experience "The High" Review
Experience =
Details coming soon.

Hawaiian Gold Bud - Overall Review
Overall =
Details coming soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Legal Bud Review

Legal Bud Review
Whud up peeps! Travis here, I got some of the stuff you want. Hey now, don't get ahead of me now. Not that stuff! Well, I have that too, but you should read my Legal Bud Review before you get all crazy on me. I just got all of the goodies I ordered to put this little review for you.

Without any further ado, I give you Travis' Legal Bud Review. In my legal bud review I have taken on the ever so challenging and painstaking task to order and smoke some of the best legal buy you can get your grimy little hands on. Yes, someone has to do it. I reviewed six products and 1 bonus product from the leading herbal smoke shop online. I will give you those details later on in my legal bud review.

During the Travis Legal Bud Review, I grade on several factors.

  • Bud Smell
  • Bud Stickiness
  • Bud Appearance
  • and let's not forget the Legal High I got!
After each review I will score the product with an overall rating. (1 Bud, 2 Buds, 3 Buds, 4 Buds, 5 Buds). 5 Buds is the top score. If I come across a 5 Bud product you know that is damn near the strongest legal high I have ever had. I will also provide additional feedback that you can use to make your decision to buy legal bud online.

So, let's get this party started!! I mean
legal bud review started.